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Becoming the Calm in the Storm: A Mindfulness Approach to Anxious Thinking

co-faciltiated by Julie Brams, LMFT and David Mellinger, LCSW

*OCTOBER 1, 2016  1:30-5:30pm  $120

This experiential workshop blends cutting-edge psychological science with real-time meditation training proven to expand emotional awareness and reduce problematic reactions to anxious thinking.

Join us on a half-day exploration of the healthy, strong ways that mindfulness meditation and traditional & new-wave psychotherapies can enable you to respond differently to your fear, anxiety and worry.

Class is tailored to your individual needs and supported in a safe community of others.


 *Class requires an initial interview with Julie Brams or David Mellinger and an advance payment of $120 before SEPTEMBER 26th in order to reserve your space.

For more information please call 818-497-2046


Opening the Gift of Loss

Wait List Only – Please call to be added

This workshop will focus on the many types of losses in the human experience — death, separation from family and friends, divorce, broken dreams and failing health, as well as those losses that are known only in the privacy of your heart. These are often painful but powerfully transformative periods of life. Methods: Experiential exercises, guided meditations, metaphor and art-process will be used. This is a public workshop – anyone is welcome to attend.

-$90.00 Regular Fee     -$75.00 Interns & Students

The Meaning of Money

Wait list only  - Please call to be added

This workshop is designed to help you understand and change your relationship to money.  Most people, regardless of the amount of money they have, experience the topic of money as highly charged.  Feelings of shame and other negative emotions can result in difficulty generating money, difficulty managing money,  saving or spending, or a combination.  Partnering around money can add additional stress and challenge with couples.

Through exercises and discussion, participants can begin to unlearn dysfunctional messages and habits that may be keeping them from having more ease with their finances.

-$90.00 Regular Fee     -$75.00 Interns & Students


Ongoing Classes:


COST:  All Classes unless otherwise noted are paid per month in advance with the option to continue on a monthly basis

-$60.00/class Regular Fee     -$50.00/class Interns & Students

Eco-Art Therapy

Classes Forming – Please call to be added 

Mindful Living – Women Over Sixty

Classes Forming – Please call to be added

Creative Writing

Classes Forming – Please call to be added

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