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Becoming The Calm In The Storm: A Mindful Approach to Anxious Thinking



It isn’t our feeling of anxiety or fear that is the problem as much as it is how we relate to those feelings. Often times in an attempt to avoid the unpleasant sensations we feel in our bodies (racing heart, shortness of breath, tension) we use unhelpful thinking patterns and limit our actions.

This 4-hour Mindfulness Based Workshop will help you begin to see which patterns you use, and how to start to think and act in ways that are in line with your true values and desires.  You will also gain real time training in Mindfulness Meditation – a well researched type of meditation shown to create positive changes that result in a decrease in negative reactivity and increases in effective stress responses.



Class requires an initial consultation with David Mellinger or Julie Brams. A fee of $120 is also required in order to guarantee your place in the class.  Please call 818-497-2046 for more information.



Presenter Bios

David Mellinger

David Mellinger, MSW is a clinical social worker at the Sherman Terrace Department of Psychiatry of Kaiser Permanente, where he serves as a psychotherapist and coordinates the Anxiety Disorders Treatment Program.” He’s also been in private practice in the San Fernando and Conejo Valleys for nearly thirty years. Mr. Mellinger has published nine articles and book chapters on the topics of anxiety, panic, phobias, hypnosis, anger, depression, and borderline personality disorder. His publications include a self-help book on anxiety, The Monster in the Cave: How to Face Your Fear and Anxiety and Live Your Life, as well as recently released chapters on mindfulness, anxiety and hypnosis, and hypnosis in the treatment of depression. An expert in anxiety disorders and related conditions, Mellinger has given training presentations at numerous national and international conferences.


Julie Brams

Julie Brams, MA is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Professional Clinical Counselor, and Meditation teacher in private practice for over twenty years in the San Fernando Valley. Her practice integrates traditional therapy and the latest advances in the field of neuropsychology including EMDR Therapy and Emotional Freedom Technique. Trained by Jon Kabat-Zinn and Saki Santorelli in their Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction model, Julie has been both a Vipassana meditation practitioner and teacher for twelve and eight years, respectively. She has developed and led meditation workshops and classes locally as well as at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur as a guest teacher with Jerome Front, LMFT with whom she has studied and trained extensively in Mindfulness, Psychotherapy and Contemplative Practices.

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