Mt. Madonna Retreat – February 2007

I am walking. Just walking and knowing that I am walking. This is not a memory of walking. This is not a dream of walking. This is not thinking about walking. I am walking. I am walking right now. That’s what I am doing, so I might as well be here for it. There is no walking “again”. There is no other walking than this walking right now. I die to the past and I die to the future. There is no walking before or later. There is only walking now. It is the first time. It is the only time. It is all brand new.

I have not walked before and I will not walk later. I am only walking now in this moment. At this now. I am walking now. And now. And now until I am still.

How do I know that I am walking? I know because I feel it. I sense it. I sense this movement named walking. I sense the pressure on the part of me named foot. Foot knows walking in each moment. On cold tile. On warm tile. On coarse ground. In boots, in socks, bare skinned, on rug, on pillow, on blanket, on stone, on level ground, uphill, downhill, on stair, in mud, on grass, over puddle. Foot knows the sensation of this moment now named walking.

MindfulnessMarley Prudeaux