Forest Walks


Limekiln Canyon 19585 Rinaldi St, Porter Ranch, CA 91326


Monrovia Canyon Park 1200 N Canyon Blvd, Monrovia, CA 91016





LimeKiln Canyon Park

The Limekiln Canyon Trail is  accessible from Rinaldi just west of Tampa or you may access it on Tampa north of the Porter Ranch Estates bridge. This trail runs the length of the canyon. This trail offers shade and views of  Limekiln Canyon Creek. At the bottom of the trail, just north of Rinaldi are some benches and exercise equipment. One way down is about one and a half hours.


Monrovia Canyon Park

The San Gabriel Mountains are graced by several enchanting canyons with sylvan steams flanked by bays and alders. Monrovia Canyon is no exception, complete with a splendid 30-foot waterfall that tops off the experience. Monrovia Falls can be reached from a few different starting points in Monrovia Canyon Park. Falls Trail presents a gradual 1.6-mile round trip hike with 350 feet of elevation gain. Connect that to Bill Cull Trail for a slightly less gradual 3-mile round trip hike with 600 feet of elevation gain to explore more of Monrovia Canyon Park.